Changing my name, reclaiming an identity

Earlier this week I went to a great talk on digital identity. It was particularly interesting for me because over the weekend I changed my Twitter name. It felt strange at first to me and evidently caused a lot of confusion for my followers

“Why are you calling yourself Tom?” has been the standard response.

After a fairly horrendous (to me, but I suspect average) adolescence, I emerged not really liking myself.

I arrived at university with one thought burning in my mind: no one knew me there. I could be anyone I wanted and the easiest way to do this was to give myself a different name.

So I told my new friends that everyone called me Tom because my surname is Sawyer.

I was Tom through uni, graduation, numerous boyfriends and several jobs. Then at some stage I stopped being Tom and reverted to being Abi.

It wasn’t my decision, I liked my moniker. The chap I was seeing wasn’t so much of a fan. But he is long gone. Abi is as much associated with him as it is with my teenage years. I wanted to reclaim the person I became in between and so, on Twitter at least, I will revert to being called Tom again.

Not so much changing my name, but rediscovering the person I once was.


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Well the girl bit is a tad optimistic!
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