Peston’s Perfect Party Packs

Recently I made the assertion that Robert Peston would never have a career as a children’s entertainer. I thought he would have limited appeal to the under 10s.

But it seems to me I may have been approaching it from the wrong angle. After all the recent credit crunch demonstrated perfectly how we had forgotten the lesson of previous financial meltdowns, mostly notably the lack of regulation that lead to the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

So here is my solution: Peston-themed parties for the young ‘uns.

The package will include:

  1. A Peston lookalike
  2. A bouncy castle shaped like the Bank of England
  3. Strawberry jellies shaped like the symbols for the Euro, Pound and Dollar
  4. A cake in the shape of Northern Rock
  5. Party bags containing the collected works of Vince Cable, Double Dip bubble mixture and cupcakes decorated with failed bank logos
  6. A piñata in the shape of Fred Goodwin
  7. A giant Wire Buzz game in the shape of the FTSE index

Party games will include Pass the Sub Prime Parcel and Musical Shares (the music stops and everyone needs to find a share price to stand on. Anyone standing on a bank that has been acquired by the UK Government is out).

Move over Middletons, there is a new kids’ party planner in town.


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