Raiders of the Lost Archetype

I have a friend who found the Holy Grail. No, not the real one or indeed any of the other countless fictional ones. Especially not Dan Brown’s wizened, ancient mimsy.

He found that most prized of things: the secret of turning a geeky, unconfident young man into the utter god who can have any woman in the room. And I mean any.

For the time we worked together, one of his favourite hobbies was seeing how often he could make me blush in morning meetings. I spent six months in a permanent state of pink-cheeked anxiety. I still haven’t really recovered.

He is not conventionally good looking (sorry, Fras), not particularly tall, not a millionaire and yet I do not know a woman who would not want him right there and then. Although his wife would have something to say about that.

When quizzed about this, he told me that one day he just decided to change the way he thought about himself. Is it really that easy I wondered? He thought it was. He changed one of his beliefs about himself and this started off a chain reaction that made him change his entire world view.

But before you go beating a path to his door, there is a problem. It’s quite a big problem actually.

He has forgotten it.

That single magical thought that made the ugly duckling turn into a dazzling white, Leda-seducing specimen of avian perfection, has been forgotten. Lost forever.

So there you go. If we don’t naturally have the self-confidence of an ancient deity, we are never going to get it.


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