Why did I do what I did?

Looking back, after the alcohol, hangover and general atmosphere of the evening had worn off, I began to question why I did what I did.

It could have been any number of things, really and I have spent today assembling the major suspects.

Candlelight. We all look fab by candlelight. Actually I am keen to propose that it is used more widely.

Black tie. See above. There is something about it that makes me want to smooth jackets and straighten the bow ties of people I have only just met.

It might have been the way he looked at me – making me forget to introduce myself for about 10 seconds. It was almost certainly the broad good-natured smile which regularly gave way to a freckled, boyish grin.

It was definitely the way he listened to me so intently despite the fact I was not at my sparkling best. Oh that is just the nicest thing in the world – someone really listening to you.

Oh and you can never discount the alcohol. But whatever it was, something made me blow a kiss goodbye across a crowded room to a man I had never met before and it was only this morning that I woke up wondering why.


About agirlcalledTom

Well the girl bit is a tad optimistic!
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