A girlcalledTom writes this blog to entertain and if she manages that, she considers that she has done a good thing.

In her mind’s eye, she is buxom, wanton and a more than a little bit Moll Flanders c. Alex Kingston.

In reality, however, she is plump, gauche and ricochets from being a tiny bit Wife of Bath to a bit of an overly-analytical, should-get-out-more, wannabe blue stocking. Then she ricochets back again.

The two women she has met off Twitter seemed to love her,  the men have been pretty much universally disappointed.


2 Responses to About

  1. Steeplechasing says:

    You might be able to ricochet when your gauche but not when you’re plump – rebound maybe? Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with plump.


  2. Need to Know Basis says:

    Why have you not kept up with this blog? Having clicked through from your twitter account I have spent the last few tens of minutes being very amused and occasionally touched by your writing. Judging by your twitter account you obviously still have lots to say (which you say very well), so please get back to it…

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