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Bye bye baby, baby goodbye

It is a horribly familiar situation.¬†Waiting for a response from the other person. Desperate for them to say they are thinking the same thing and I am not wrong in clinging to that last piece of hope. I have lost … Continue reading

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October and us

This time of year reminds me of you. It reminds me of what we had in another October. You are the frosty mornings and high blue skies, the musty earthy smell of wet leaves and mushrooms. The warmth of eggs … Continue reading

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Tales from Gin Alley

“Can you drink gin all evening? I find it makes me really maudlin.” Prophetic words from my drinking companion! Unfortunately he should have mentioned this before I started drinking gin rather than when I was six G&Ts into the evening. … Continue reading

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Rural isolation

I am sitting in an empty cottage listening to the silence that pools in the small rooms and hidden niches. Outside the village is darkening quickly. Occasionally you can hear laughter from the pub, but for most of the time … Continue reading

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A question of x and y

Never let it be said that I have left any situation under-analysed. I would make a great theoretical physicist, if only my talent for science extended beyond leaving the top off the ether bottle and rendering my classmates insensible. So … Continue reading

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Roses, romance and cricket

In a reflective mood on the train home tonight, I spent some time dreaming of days bunked off school to go and watch cricket. Fortunately I walked to school, straight past the train station and with direct trains to¬† Canterbury … Continue reading

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Excuse me, but are you..?

What is the etiquette around sitting opposite someone you think you recognise? Continue reading

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