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Bye bye baby, baby goodbye

It is a horribly familiar situation. Waiting for a response from the other person. Desperate for them to say they are thinking the same thing and I am not wrong in clinging to that last piece of hope. I have lost … Continue reading

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Tales from Gin Alley

“Can you drink gin all evening? I find it makes me really maudlin.” Prophetic words from my drinking companion! Unfortunately he should have mentioned this before I started drinking gin rather than when I was six G&Ts into the evening. … Continue reading

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Excuse me, but are you..?

What is the etiquette around sitting opposite someone you think you recognise? Continue reading

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Daleks, Edith Piaf and my parents

“No darling, you can’t wear that. It makes you look like a dalek.” Continue reading

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Ms Cool regrets she is unable to attend

It is hard to be calm and graceful when you are faced with a hero. It’s doubly hard to be cool and elegant when that hero is the man whose presence is so magnetic that you cannot actually string a … Continue reading

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Death wields a tennis racket

Tonight Death will be stalking the bedroom. No not the grim reaper of medieval European folklore, but the Death of Flying/Biting Insects. Instead of a scythe it will be wielding the lastest in mossie-killing tech. I am hugely attractive to … Continue reading

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Modern manners and the older man

I was taken out for lunch today by a deliciously older man. One that my father would definitely not approve of. (Actually must remember not to autopost this onto Facebook. Parents on Facebook are an utter nightmare and one of … Continue reading

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