A question of x and y

Never let it be said that I have left any situation under-analysed.

I would make a great theoretical physicist, if only my talent for science extended beyond leaving the top off the ether bottle and rendering my classmates insensible.

So good is my ability to dissect any situation a hundred ways that recently I have become a point of referral for other confused women. This week my chosen topic to fret over has mainly been analysis of one question: what does it mean when a man signs off electronic communication with a kiss?

Actually this is a question I have never really thought about before, but the landlady asked me what it meant if a colleague finished a work email with ‘Rx’.

My first reaction was that if it was not an accident, it was a bit weird and a little unprofessional. Although, heaven knows I have sent enough work emails with three kisses at the bottom because I was allowing my thoughts to wander over non-work things.

He is quite high up the organisation and they have known each other as friends for a very long time, but the landlady thinks she would like it to be more… actually I still don’t know how to interpret it. Clearly they are good friends and maybe he has designs on her. Well she is a good looking woman.

I didn’t think much more of it until last night when my latest virtual crush (a follower on my work account) signed off a DM with an x.

Having fallen in love with his writing style over the last few months, that tiny lower case x at the end of a beautifully constructed sentence had a profound impact.

It made my heart soar as he escalated himself to new heights of wonderfulness. I grinned and giggled. Suddenly the awful week, my poisoned arm and all the little niggles of life just faded away.

Silly the effect that a single character can have on you.

I was fully prepared to go into a long over-analysis of it. What exactly did he mean by it? Could this be the start of something nice? Then I dismissed it as quickly as I had snatched the thought up.

If I am honest it actually means nothing at all. It’s just a key stroke, a collection of zeroes and ones. Easily done and in all probability with very little thought behind it. Just added because you appreciate that someone has paid you a compliment. After all, he has no idea that I have this crush. He probably thinks that he just has an enthusiastic follower.

Hmm no over-analysis. I must be learning.


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2 Responses to A question of x and y

  1. I pondered this very thing recently. A girl I know will sometimes put 1 x at the end of texts, 2 x’s at the end or none at all…until I reply with a x on the end of one of my texts. All very strange behaviour which varies person to person.

    Like you, I’ve learnt to stop over analysing it!

    • Yes it’s a judgement call. If you return the x sometimes it seems to send them racing in the other direction!

      Mind you it has taken a *very* long time for me to start to stop worrying about it all.

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